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Would Zombies Be Fast Or Slow? Out Maneuvering the Undead



Anyone who has ever considered a zombie apocalypse wondered, would zombies be fast or slow?

Surprisingly, We have found that there will be both kinds of zombies, fast and slow.

When we get ready to watch a zombie movie, the first thing that comes to mind, at least to me, is whether it will be a movie of fast zombies or slow zombies. This fact is crucial to prejudge or define in advance the type of film that will be.

Would zombies be fast or slow according to the horror genre?

Everyone who is more or less versed in the horror genre notes that one of the most potent implicit effects of the zombie image on human perception is that, according to the fantastic assumption, a cannibal monster can become any of the people around it, including a very close person.

It could be your father or mother, husband or wife, brother or sister, or even your children. And that, of course, is scary. Whatever family relationships are, they very rarely reach murder and cannibalism. What if this happened? You obviously would not want to kill a loved one, so you would probably run from them. Would you be able to run away from them? How fast would they be to be able to catch us? Can we outrun them?

What will you have to step through to stay alive? And do I need to step over? For example, the hereditary farmer Herschel Green from The Walking Dead could not force himself to kill his wife, son, and neighbors, who turned into zombies. Will any of us be able to break our bonds at one point, erase standard memory, and resort to violence with a dear person? The question is controversial.

Zombies can be both fast and slow.

Authors of works about the zombie apocalypse perfectly feel the drama of this obligatory plot conflict and understand that it determines compositional decisions. For example, all zombies can be divided into two large categories: fast and slow.

Fast ones are powerful and irrepressible creatures that are almost impossible to stop and cannot be run from: characters have to fight, even if they are not ready. The slow ones are the walking ones of George Romero and Robert Kirkman: they can tear themselves away and hide, but their danger is that they do not get tired and can gather in large groups, crowding, surrounding, and absorbing anyone who loses strength and can no longer resist. The type of zombie chosen determines how the plot will be built and how much detail will be used in describing direct collisions.

What are fast zombies like?

Fast zombies are an element, a wave, a storm. A separate monster overcomes them, becoming part of a sudden natural disaster. And if the character manages to discern it, then most likely, the character himself will soon be dead. Another thing is slow zombies. While they are approaching, it is quite possible to discern them and even see the remnants of humanity, individuality, and personal history in them.

Can we kill a fast zombie?

To kill such a zombie is immeasurably more difficult due to psychological reasons: the reflex is suppressed by reflection. Personal story. And to kill such a zombie is even more challenging due to psychological reasons: the reflex is suppressed by thought and personal level. Eradicating such a zombie is also very hard with their physical characteristics and speed.

Robert Kirkman chose the slow dead, not by chance. He needed them to increase drama – characters fighting for survival must change at the very first stage. They need to abandon previous ideas about the inviolability of man from attachments and typical reactions to social relations. The viewer should do the same with them because now everything is serious, without parody twists and thrash.

What are slow zombies like?

To further enhance the effect of the personification of slow zombies, a small subsidiary project for producing web episodes was launched, which was taken by special effects master Greg Nicotra.
“You know, we always try to come up with something new. This difficult task rests with Scott Gimple and our writers. This situation is unique because I first read the story and see the seeds of the idea, and then we all take it together and implement them. We can design and prescribe the development of events inherent in history, rather than using random effects.” (Greg Nicotra)

Slow or fast zombies: Reflections from the movies

The first web episode of “Torn Apart” appeared on the official website on October 3, 2011. It consists of six parts: “A New Day,” “Family Matters,” “Domestic Violence,” “Neighborly Advice,” “Stepmother,” and “Everything Dies.” This web episode tells the story of Hannah (Lilly Beardsall), her ex-husband Andrew (Rick Otto), and their children Jamie (Madison Leslie) and Billy (Griffin Cleveland). After the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, they tried to evacuate from King County to Atlanta, but it was too late – the “walking” crowded the track, attacking from all sides.

Hannah had to sacrifice herself so that the children got a chance to escape from the dead. She is torn to pieces, and when Rick Grimes leaves the hospital, he sees the half-rotten Hannah, the upper half of which is still crawling on the ground. Armed, Rick returns to shoot her in the head. The second web episode, “Cold Storage,” appeared online on October 1, 2012, and consisted of four parts: “Hide and Seek,” “Keys to the Kingdom”), “The Chosen Ones,” and “Parting Shots.” The plot is simple: a young man named Chase (Josh Stewart) is trying to escape Atlanta and is captured by the “walking” to find his sister. He finds temporary shelter in a warehouse, where he meets a local worker named B.J. (Daniel Rubik).

He invites Chase to stay to watch the “death of the world” together; however, having received a refusal, he tries to kill him. Having miraculously survived, Chase gets back to the warehouse and rescues Kelly (Serina Vincent) – the captive of B.J. In the final standoff, Kelly kills her tormentor, and Chase leaves the city with her.
The third web episode of “The Oath” was posted online on October 1, 2013, and consisted of three parts: “Alone,” “Choice,” and “Ties.” Having strayed from the zombies, two young men, Paul (Wyatt Russell) and Karina (Ashley Bell), are looking for a medical center, as Paul is slowly bleeding from the wound. Finally, they stumble upon a hospital not yet captured by the “walking.”

They are assisted by physician Gail Macon’s (Ellen Green). It seems that the danger is behind, but it soon becomes clear that a dark person is hiding under the appearance of a benevolent doctor. From various points in the web episode, it can be established that the action occurs at the Harrison Memorial Hospital, where Rick Grimes is lying in a coma. It was Paul who discovered that the hospital’s cafeteria was full of “walking people,” closed it and wrote on the door: “Do not open, inside the dead” – a message,

Can slow zombies survive for long?

In such simple ways, the creators of the television series allow us to feel the atmosphere of what is happening, to feel the pulsation of a vast world, usually left behind the scenes. Nevertheless, this is their crucial mistake. The problem is slow zombies can only exist for a short time.

Fast zombies are usually not dead, but people whose brain function is disrupted by some virus, as, for example, in the film as mentioned earlier “28 days later”, or by chemical exposure, like in the thrash film “Zombie Massacre,” 2013), or narcotic intoxication, as in the action movie “Zombie Hunter” (“Zombie Hunter,” 2013).

In their organisms, a supply of adenosine triphosphoric acid (ATP) is sufficient, due to which the skeletal muscles contract, moving. They make up for her loss, like ordinary people – at the expense of nutrition. In the bodies of the dead, ATP completely disintegrates in a few hours, and since the “walking” do not have respiration and blood circulation, ATP re-synthesis stops. Kirkman’s dead could not harm anyone, even if they wanted to. Despite the masterfully created illusion of authenticity, fiction remains fiction.

Can we easily escape slow zombies?

The slow zombies are those undead that are dragging their feet, as if they had just woken up from a nap, came from spending the whole night partying and part of the morning too, or they went home to rest after a twelve-hour workday and have been working for seven days in a row. Come on! They are dead guys; they seem lazy to eat someone as you run away and cannot surround you.

That sluggish, I do not go behind you. These zombies are a priori easy to dodge and flee from them; their danger lies in the number since they tend to pile up by tens, hundreds, and even thousands. This is due to its slowness; as soon as they see one of their own as a companion, they approach their slow zombie colleague and stay with him because they want to enhance their power together.

Can we easily escape fast zombies?

On the contrary, fast zombies tend to separate; they have so much energy to burn, so much to run, so much to discover that they couldn’t agree to run altogether. They are so fast that some want to go to one side and another to another.

This is how they end up dispersing unless something catches their attention (for example, a shot); that is when they all arrive at the same place. And as you encounter many of these, you can already have a tank to get into or something similar. If only one is dangerous, imagine so many. At least, you can kill him if you have any weapon for it, of course.

Check out the weapon section to know which one to use. But make sure you have many of them – a lot of trim for them. Even an entire army may be little.

What do you do against a hundred fast zombies?

Do you finish them one by one? Impossible, at the most, you kill one or two before they all pounce on you. Are you running? Yes, the most intelligent, and the only thing that can save you if you are lucky is if there are more objectives and they decide they will not follow you.

Because if they start following you, there you are already a dead man, and there is little hope that you could save yourself. You can run and run that they will sprint, so it is no longer worth running if you do not have to scramble. Oh, and do not go to fall. Well, if you get tired, your life may be in danger. Since the adrenaline is not infinite, there comes a time when you get tired, and zombies don’t.


Would zombies be fast or slow? We will see both kinds if we ever have to. Fast zombies can end up catching you and eating you alive. Why? Well, because yes, life in a rapid zombie apocalypse is like that – if there are many, you die.

It’s not just about if zombies would be fast or slow; it is also about what we would do if we faced them. And all this is shown in a movie; if it is slow zombies, they will undoubtedly create less danger and helplessness if you run the hell away.

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