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Zombie Apocalypse Plan: How to Survive the Undead



Mayhem, debilitations, and ruinations- upturning the normalcy of the world and tipping the orders off-balance. A catastrophe stretching from pole to pole, an inescapable upheaval decimating human civilization and violating the sanctity of the inviolable systems.

A world in which the undead will reign supreme; the living will squeal for survival and witness their culture tipping on the weakest precipice. In a world where existence necessitates utmost survival skills and a robust zombie apocalypse plan to support your survival. 

A zombie apocalypse plan that entails every detail and strategy that will help you make it through this devastation

Where your outlined strategies and tips can add guardrails to your increasingly reducing chances, they cannot guarantee your survival. But the slightest sliver of hope goes a long way in a catastrophe as damaging as a zombie apocalypse. While zombie fanatics put their minds together to draft their zombie apocalypse plan, most antis shrug it off as hype or controversy. Preparing for a catastrophe benefits us, even just a discussion. 

Indeed, the zombie apocalypse will be the toughest test of our survival skills, nerves, and how well we strategize. However, you don’t need a sad experience and the best weapons to combat zombies. Of course, possessing these will give you an edge over others, but they aren’t necessitated. You will need your survival and a few preparatory measures to stay alive in the zombie apocalypse. 

Additionally, the zombie apocalypse will be a one-of-a-kind catastrophe in such a situation; survival will be automatic rather than well-thought-out. Humans tend to become selfish when living and fending for themselves. With every human rummaging earth for a haven, the undead will spread, shuffling around and feasting on every breathing being. 

The zombie apocalypse will render human civilization and the world order helpless. As petrifying as it may sound, its causes and prevalence are yet to be discovered. Some suggest a parasitic virus, while others label nature’s revenge on us. Whatever the reason, we know that the zombie apocalypse will spread gradually and prevail for several years (or decades). 

The zombie apocalypse is considered the end of human civilization. It is believed that only 273 humans will survive at the end of this apocalypse. But with a few preventive and preparatory measures, we can safeguard our exponentially diminishing chances of survival. Note that none of these measures can guarantee your survival. These measures will be an effort towards ensuring your safety during the apocalypse. 

From food rations and secure places to weaponry and exploring nature, we have covered all the measures to strengthen your zombie apocalypse plan. 

Your survival chances may be dwindling, but with these measures, you can make it through the bleakest prospects of your existence.

Ways You Must Include in Your Zombie Apocalypse Plan 

Let’s start with the obvious: We have yet to devise strategies to guarantee our existence. When havoc wrecks, survival becomes instinctive, and the ways that might help you may not be befitting for others. There aren’t universally accepted ways to escape the zombie apocalypse. 

During the zombie apocalypse, everyone will face unique threats and dangers. Some might find themselves scouring for food supplies; others might rummage the city or a safe hideout. However, one common challenge we all face is getting rid of the brainless ones. The answer to this is apparent: go for the brains of the brainless. 

It is believed that refined combating skills and utmost dexterity in using weapons are required for killing a zombie. As opposed to this belief, you only need strong nerves, a firm grip on your killing weapon, and a sharp eye to bid farewell to the undead. Of course, proper training and mastery of using weapons will earn you a competitive edge over others. 

Killing zombies is necessary, but it isn’t all required to survive the zombie apocalypse. From securing your house to pre-planning for safe hideouts, your survival hinges on thorough and meticulous planning. Remember, these zombies may seem brainless, but your missteps are open opportunities for them. Your mistakes may be fatal, costing your life or, worse, turning you into a zombie. 

Lock your windows and doors, stay indoors, and hope zombies don’t find you alive. And while you are at it, let’s prepare for the imminent doom and make sure you are among the fortunate 273 survivors. 

Fortify Your House 

No one likes to leave the comfort of their house, even in apocalyptic situations. And trust us, you don’t need to move out or underground to protect your life from those gruesome killing machines. 

Where some might suggest that moving underground is ideal, we indicate otherwise. Staying out in the light might be scary, but with a few tips, you can ensure your protection and enjoy your isolated living in your house. 

So, put those shovels and trowels back and follow these handy tips for fortifying our home against any zombie attack. 

Secure your boundaries with fences. 

The poorly restored brains of zombies allow them to mill around and stagger, but it doesn’t permit them to climb or jump over high obstacles. You can exploit this incapacity and use it to your advantage. 

Build a high wall or set your fences higher to secure your boundaries. If you decide to build a wall, make sure they are covered with anti-climb paint. You can opt for multiple options for setting up the fences, using the electric wires, or placing huge boulders. However, considering our insignificant information about zombies, it is highly likely that zombies will evolve with time. They might even adopt and learn to climb. So, whatever strategy you employ, ensure that it prevents zombies from violating the sanctity of your residence. 

Safeguard your windows and doors.

Zombies look like weaker beings but can exhibit great prowess to satisfy their hunger. Whether they have to break open the door or crack the window glass, zombies can show extraordinary strength in capturing their prey. Therefore, every door and window allows zombies to barge into your house.

Seal every window and install sturdy locks and bars to secure the door. You may also add another layer of grills at your doors. And remember to cover your windows with curtains. Note that you aren’t only hiding from zombies; you are also hiding your stocks and supplies from potential raiders. 

Stockpile the supplies

The zombie apocalypse won’t only be a mass elimination of human civilization; it will bring a severe hunger problem to the world. With crops dying and industries collapsing rapidly, three times a meal will become a luxury. Therefore, you must take preemptive measures to save yourself and your loved ones from starvation. 

Where stockpiling should be condemned at all costs, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Rush to your nearby grocery stores and gather as many food supplies as possible. Remember that once the grocery runs out of supplies, no one restocks them. Be mindful of eating to your fill and splurging on the stored items. Once your stored items run out, you might have to eat non-edible things to satisfy your hunger. 

Gather the Weaponry 

Securing your residence is crucial in ensuring your safety against the zombie attack. However, your security needs to be supplemented with tools, weapons, and gadgets (if there are any) that strengthen your shield. You need to gather weapons that can help you fight and kill these mindless beings. 

These weapons do not necessarily have to be guns and knives; you might just use a baseball bat to kill a zombie. After all, all you have to do is blow their heads. Be warned that killing zombies might be the most gruesome and gut-wrenching expertise. So, backburn your disgust and aim for the lead. You could choose any weapon that fits your grip and serves the purpose. Put a bullet in the head or land a sharp blow to the head; make sure you return the dead to their graves. Here are a few weapons that can help you out: 


If slashing open zombies suits your style, then a neat and handy dagger is perfect for you. They not only perfectly fit in your grip but also ensure that the injury is fatal enough. However, this weapon is only suitable for some people learning to attack. But if you are sure about your grip and confident in your killing skill, slash their throats. 


The main advantage of using a gun is your ability to kill the zombie from a distance. You don’t need to approach the zombie; you can riddle it with bullets by keeping a considerable distance. However, try shooing them when they are still. Shooting at moving or running zombies may make you lose shots. 


Well, it may not be the most effective and ideal weapon, but it ensures that the decaying beings die a horrible death. Exercise caution if you choose this weapon, as the gun may backfire. Make sure that the blades of chainsaw do not harm you. Also, it is likely the gun may fail to operate after slaying a dozen zombies. So, before taking this weapon to mass kill the zombies, try running it and observe if it keeps working.

We recommend carrying a dagger or gun to offer extra security if your chainsaw disappoints amid a zombie attack.

Find Your Provisions in Mother Nature 

Undoubtedly, our cities and towns offer almost everything we need to survive. We benefit from several other luxuries that aren’t necessary for us.

But in apocalyptic times, cities and towns will be entirely shut down, leaving us searching for the bare necessities. Mother Nature can help us with its many provisions in such a scenario. From safe hideouts to ample food, Mother Nature promises conditions to help us persist through the zombie apocalypse.

However, to survive in nature, you must learn to locate a hideout, plants that won’t kill you, and locations where wild animals do not wander. Building your shelter in a savannah or plucking a brightly colored berry can expose you to life-threatening dangers.

As an added measure, keep a guidebook discussing your region’s plants, vegetation, and animals. Learn your greens, know your mushrooms, and adapt to a greener lifestyle in a post-apocalyptic residence.

Consider this as your guiding light necessary for avoiding any unexpected perils that might result in disgraceful death.

Search for Other Survivors 

A zombie apocalypse will make existence an impossibility and survival the most brutal struggle. But, if you have survived, others have persisted through this catastrophe.

Indeed, searching for other survivors would be daunting in a world brimming with corpses. But having a few more survivors can offer you company and an extra set of hands for killing zombies. Also, when a horde of zombies corners you, your friend can help you slay these rotting beings.
Note that you keep those survivors updated on your escape plan. And in case your friend needs to learn how to use the weapons, teach them how to use the most accessible weapons.

Most importantly, stay loyal to your fellow survivors, as you and those survivors might be the only hope for decimating human civilization.

Go to Higher Altitudes

Zombies possess poorly rewired brains that allow them only to have specific movements. These beings can walk and stagger clumsily but are deprived of other forms of exercise. They cannot swim, climb, jump, or even maintain a straight gait. In contrast to zombies, humans can easily mount a cliff, jump over fences, or ascend a mountain.

None of us wants to leave our apartments, but an apocalyptic situation calls for desperate measures. One frantic action and tough decision we might have to make is leaving the comfort of our house and moving out into the wild. If not wild, then at the higher altitudes where, zombies cannot reach us. You must have put up all sorts of locks, but you can never be too sure about the house’s security.

The ideal approach is to find comfort and seek refuge in a place unreachable and unsurmountable by zombies. We do not mean you must climb Everest; you can move to any place a few hundred meters above sea level. You won’t only stay safe but also enjoy the scenic beauty surrounding you.

Arrange for Your Meals

One thing we all know about a zombie apocalypse is the severe shortage of food supplies. You must have stockpiled thousands of prepared and ready-to-eat food items, but eventually, they will run out. Therefore, you must have a backup plan to arrange for your meal.

When it comes to survival skills, hunting tops the list. It will entail fishing, chasing the animals in the woods, and even camouflaging to catch the prey. If you live near a river, it is ideal that you learn a few fishing skills and utilize them to hook the fish. If you don’t have fishing, you can opt for the old-school way of catching a fish.

Take a long stick, tie the bait at its one end, and drop it in the sea for fish to fall for it. You will have to apply more force in pulling out a fish, but it will get you the fish. The water sources may likely be contaminated, or the fish you catch is poisonous.

If no water source is near you, learn how to chase and hunt down an animal. It is ideal if you stick with the smaller animals that are easy to track and hunt down. Once you have hunted down the animal, set a bear fire and enjoy your freshly roasted meat. Always keep your hunting weapon near you for catching the prey and shooting down a zombie.

Keep them Away With Fire

Fire has been used for ages to keep the animal and beasts away. A zombie apocalypse will require you to learn a few pre-industrial skills, one of which is how to light a fire. Try rubbing two stones against each other until they release a spark. The craft will not only allow you to keep the zombies away but also let you roast your freshly caught animals.

As beneficial as this skill is, it might be optimally used by everyone persisting through the zombie apocalypse. People living in their apartments in cities won’t be able to benefit from this skill. However, those who have moved out of the towns to abandoned areas can make the most of this skill. If you possess a fire-lighting tool, use it to protect yourself and those around you.

However, stick with firewood and stones if you don’t have any means. It isn’t all about warding off the zombies; you can use the fire to roast some marshmallows, too (if you have any). After all, we all deserve a break and some good time, even in the zombie apocalypse.

Watch What You Drink

No, this has nothing to do with downing the liquor and warning you about not consuming excessive amounts. It is about the liquid we drink to satisfy our thirst- the water.

Water-borne diseases have been responsible for severe pandemics and the spread of several other life-threatening illnesses for ages. Contaminated water is one of the significant human killers.

Ensure that the source of your water is the least contaminated one. It is ideal that whenever you consume water, you boil it thoroughly. It is thought that boiling for two minutes kills all the bacteria and germs in the water, so follow this rule and prevent yourself from falling sick.

With the healthcare sector shutdown and zero availability of medications, falling sick is equal to embracing your death. So, be proactive in preventive measures and avoid dying from water-borne diseases.

Pretend To Be Like A Zombie

The best way to escape and hide during a zombie apocalypse is by pretending and acting like a zombie. Try practicing the clumsy gait of zombies and intelligibly groaning like the mindless ones. Bring out the best performer in you, but remember to do it sparingly. Zombies are irrational but sharp at distinguishing their kind from other beings.

As an added measure, you can also cover yourself with the foul and decaying smell. While some suggest using a zombie’s gut, we recommend using foul-smelling odors to mask your human scent. With a decaying smell and zombie-like movements, you can confidently step out of the house and blend in with them.

However, all of this will come with the price of carrying the most unpleasant smells. Also, the scent won’t wash off for you no matter how often you shower.

Find The Perfect Hideouts

The perfect hideouts during the zombie apocalypse are the unreachable places by the undead. Unfortunately, our homes and any location within the city are the most vulnerable to the zombie attack. Therefore, you must find places that stay protected from the zombie attack. Moreover, when you find that faraway place, secure it.

Though the site is far from the city, it will only be days before zombies start to sprawl in that area. So, install extra locks on all the entrances, secure the windows, and stockpile sufficient food for several months. 

Distant Island

Several islands are waiting to be discovered by us. So, take out your maps and locate the island closest to you. Pack all the necessities that you will need, arrange for a boat, and seek refuge on that island. Zombies may be able to walk but cannot swim for miles. However, an island may offer you shelter from the zombie attack, but it might expose you to attacks from wild animals. Ensure you carry the appropriate weapons to combat wild animals and take pre-emptive measures to avert the attack. 

Underground Shelter

The ideal way to stay protected from zombies is by visiting out of their sight. Whether it is your basement or a bunker, find a refuge, take the bare necessities, and hide yourself. 

If you prefer the house basement, ensure the entrance is secure. Install extra locks and iron rods to block the access and add more wood planks to strengthen the door. However, if you are still determining the security of your basement, then move to a bunker. These bunkers are designed to resist any attack. But one downside of living in the bunker is that you must carry the food supplies to ensure your sustenance. 

Top of the Lighthouse

Living in the lighthouse will give you a bird’s eye view of your surroundings. Moreover, lighthouses are located in a secluded area and designed with several staircases. As far as we know, zombies can stagger, but they cannot take steps to climb the stairs. So, pack your bags, gather your weaponry and food supplies, and move to a lighthouse near you; however, if you experience a fear of heights, then try finding some other place for your shelter. 

Desolated Town 

A desolate town offers us shelter and provides us with living conditions similar to ours. These towns provide us with a variety of residence options. From cottages to apartments, you can select whatever suits your taste. Remember that these houses won’t be in their best condition; you must compromise your lifestyle to live in them. Another advantage that these desolated towns offer is the little to no population. Zombies tend to move out of places that do not offer sufficient fresh brains to meet their undying hunger.

So, What Is Your Zombie Plan?

Surviving the zombie apocalypse requires you to plan your survival strategically. Your zombie apocalypse plan must entail every aspect you can face during an apocalyptic. In the light of all those facts, create your counter and preventive measures. 

List down every necessity you must gather and stockpile beforehand, including food items and sufficient water storage. Once you know your needs, move on to collecting weapons. Get everything you can get your hands on, from rifles, pistols, knives, and baseball bats. Lastly, hone your survival skills and strengthen your nerves. Practice fishing, hunting, and climbing; build your strength to combat the seemingly undefeatable ones.

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