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Can zombies starve to death? Hunger Games of the Afterlife



Every living being dies – it is the law of nature. Since zombies are practically not alive, it makes us wonder, can zombies starve to death?

There are several explanations for why zombies need to eat to survive. In theory, humans or animals rely on food to store energy to survive. Just like other beings, even zombies can starve to death.

Aren’t zombies dead already?

Presumably, this problem has troubled the zombies for a long time and has yet to be answered. In fact, the most significant difference between zombies and humans is that they are actually dead bodies. However, because their brains have surviving viruses, this part of the virus has become the main Factor in manipulating zombies.

How can the living dead die?

However, since they still need to walk, stumble, or run daily, they also have specific energy consumption problems. Therefore, they also need to eat to replenish the energy they consume.
But what is puzzling is that even if they lose some organs, such as the stomach, they can still survive for a long time.

In other words, they do not rely on the digestive organs to provide heat. However, whether their organs still usually function or the significance of eating is being determined. But they can inevitably “live” even without organs.

Do they die directly if they don’t eat?

Zombies die, but not suddenly. At first, if they have no food to eat, they will enter a resting period, similar to the hibernation period of animals. This method ensures they will only consume a little power even if they do not eat. However, if there is movement or sound, they still need some energy to support themselves.

However, some people think zombies need not eat to “survive.” They use their internal energy to survive, and these decompositions do not require the assistance of organisms or bacterial activity.
Although I am curious whether this view is correct, what can be confirmed is that compared with the first and second-season zombies, the zombies’ actions have become much slower and made them less aggressive.

In addition to this, because their bodies have begun to decay, it may also be because they no longer have too much food to support their actions.

What is the actual “death” time for zombies without food?

The nature of zombies defies the laws of biology and human physiology. In a realistic biological sense, any organism, including a reanimated one, requires sustenance to survive. Without a consistent intake of nutrients and energy, bodily functions would inevitably deteriorate, leading to death. However, the timeline for this process would vary greatly depending on factors such as the fictional universe’s rules, the zombies’ origin, and the storytellers’ creative intentions.

It’s important to remember that the concept of zombies exists within the realm of imagination, allowing writers, filmmakers, and creators to shape the rules of their fictional worlds to suit their narratives. Discussions about the “death” time for zombies without food are intriguing thought experiments but lack a basis in the scientific realities governing living organisms.

Why do zombies die without eating?

In normal conditions, the human body consumes a certain amount of energy every moment. In other words, a living person consumes a certain amount of energy, no matter whether it is more or less.
The human body consumes a certain amount of energy even when stationary.

The brain consumes power, the breath consumes energy, and even lying down consumes energy. In other words, any movement depends on energy to maintain. If we are in outer space, this law will not exist. The problem is that the place where we live is the earth.

This means that even zombies with only brain activity still need energy support. But zombies without a typical human digestive system may rely on breaking down certain unexplained substances to maintain normal activities. However, the energy required by zombies’ brains is very low, so zombies can live for years or longer.

So, what else do zombies eat besides humans?

Generally speaking, when no human can be used as food, they will use horses, mice, deer, and other animals. However, it is essential to know that zombies will not go for an animal kill as their first instinct. They only go for animals when they cannot find a human brain to snack on or when animals get in their way to eat humans just so they can survive.

What are the symptoms of not eating?

Eating is an instinctive reaction. Although eating specifically affects zombies, it will not be significant to them. This is because zombies can survive without eating for some time. However, their bodies will gradually decay over time until only one body is left.

Eventually, they die due to deterioration or do not have enough energy to support their movement, hence death. The brain’s virus will automatically die without a source of heat. But we need to find out how long they can survive. Considering the individual gap of zombies, their actual “death” time will also be different.

Do zombies starve just like humans?

First, let’s look at the structure of the human body. People are metabolized. We absorb the energy humans need daily, such as milk, eggs, rice, and flour. Of course, most people also eat meat. These substances contain proteins, amino acids, fats, heat, etc. After melting these things through the gastric juice, the part is converted into energy for blood production.

Blood circulation drives the work of the internal organs and helps you breathe and digest. The remaining amount is filtered waste, also called fertilizer, which can be reused (mainly used in agriculture and the chemical industry) and discharged through the anus and pores. So, we must poop, pee, sweat, and lose hair daily. Form a circulatory system.

But organs, like our life, have an end cycle. Everything we eat is poisonous in the body and will slowly erode our organs, so the organs will gradually fail. We cannot continue to supply energy due to organ failure. We will slowly weaken until we cannot absorb the energy that sustains life and die. Therefore, zombies’ goal has been to gradually break the demand for low-level energy extracts that are absolutely tangible food and instead absorb higher-level heaven and earth aura to achieve the purpose of longevity.

How do zombies survive without food for longer?

Zombies are a miracle that humans have survived in the reverse direction. Although humans have thousands of years of history and cultural heritage, they are still low-level animals in the eyes of high-level life.

The Vitalin activating Factor is present in the saliva, which is transmitted to other people’s blood through saliva, then enters the brain layer through the blood. The bitten Vitalin is activated inside the body. Because zombies only retain the most primitive instincts of humans or beasts, they are the supplementary consciousness of energy.

Humans have been replenishing energy to eat live things, so the primary consciousness of zombies is to stutter on raw meat and living things, but they do swallow. We saw a lot of zombies around the roadside, but they didn’t eat them. That chewing subconsciously wanted to eat but could not swallow. This is also the case that many people surrounded by zombies were finally bitten into zombies without being eaten.

Moving, walking, and other actions clearly use energy, presumably indicating food needs.
Since we have seen that they can survive without their lower organs, they will likely stay long before they finally “die” again. It is also unclear if their organs function even after they die. Muscles work clearly, as does part of the brain, but we don’t know if anything else closes (like the digestive system). They can store their strength for longer by not moving for a while. But in the end, they would have to get some sustenance to keep moving.

How to know if a zombie is dead?

What if the zombie is a moving body with no signs of life? It’s even more accessible. If the zombie is to move, it must be done through the flexion of the muscles. Energy and oxygen are also necessary if the forces must complete the flexion. What if the zombie is a corpse with no breathing or blood circulation?

Then we assume that although the zombies are dead. If the respiratory system and blood circulation system are still running, in this case, the zombie will be extremely fragile, and it does not require a headshot like in the movie to cause death.


So, can zombies starve to death? The ultimate assumption is that according to the set of zombies in “The Walking Dead,” the zombies are dead and have no signs of life. Still, they can move, and they can move for a few years, catch what they eat, don’t eat their own kind, and get a headshot to death. Have you noticed that there is no snowy winter in the walking dead?

The short answer to “Can zombies starve to death” would be “Yes, they can.” However, it is essential to remember a few things when answering questions, such as how long, why, and how. In any case, a corpse, even if protected by the overbearing zombie virus from other bacteria and viruses, exposed to oxygen, sun, rain, and the temperature difference of the four seasons, will not jump for long.

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