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The Hollywood industry has done a number on streamlining the unified belief in zombies and their mere relationship over eating brains. Many have questioned, “How long can zombies survive without eating brains”?

While there are countless claims about how long zombies can survive, our research indicates that zombies can live forever! 

Join the quest to uncover the mysterious survival limits of brain-deprived zombies.

Why Is There a “Belief System” Over Zombies Eating Brains? 

So, for many years, zombies have contributed considerably to the entertainment industry, offering an array of thrill and excitement. However, it has also created a standardized, universal belief system that zombies eat brains specifically. We are here to tell you that that belief system is a “made-up” concept, and there is no evidence that zombies need to eat brains to survive. Movies and fictional horror reads have also contributed to creating the zombie and human brain relationship when it’s only a mere concept. Do zombies need to eat brains to survive? No. That’s only in movies.

Video Games Always Shown Zombies Eating Brains.

Creativity can steer a boat in some directions. That is why some video games display different types of zombies, but they all commonly eat brains. From the point this mythical creature came into existence, eating brains has always been associated with its range of characteristics and behavior. Over time, the idea of zombies eating brains was the perfect match, as the concept alone brought thrill and excitement to its range of audiences. Eventually, it became a standard, regardless of where you decide to lift the lid, let it be movies, books, games, or screenplays.

Why Do Zombies Eat Brains? 

For years, big movie screens have shown the world how zombies are interested in eating brains. However, it needs to be defined as to why they eat it and whether it is necessary. Zombies eat brains because it is the most nutrient-and abundance part of the human body, and zombies need them to help promote evolution to take place. 

Historic Zombie Brain Eating Rituals

Religion and ritual usually run parallel. Our history shows that ancient civilizations and even modern civilizations practices conduct zombie brain-eating ceremonies. For centuries, ancient civilizations have eaten the brains of the diseased. This act was practiced throughout history, at the global scale, as many believed that eating the “mind” of a diseased man/woman who was once superior over the lands would help to influence the “mind” of the person who eats the brains.

Which Part of the Brain Do Zombies Like the Most?

Zombies specifically aim for the cerebrum, as a whole, empowered by their natural zombie instincts. It is a natural repulsion to feed on brains that zombies naturally develop. Same repulsion actions that humans get when a juicy steaming steak is presented in front of us.

What Do Human Brains Taste Like?

According to the texture of the human brain, its structure, and the minerals it’s made of, some brains over other brains may taste slightly different for zombies. However, zombies lack the intellect to determine any difference between flavorful vs. non-tasteful brains. Our research indicates that the texture of the brains is similar to biting into hardened Fish Roe, except without the fish smell—the bubbly-bumpy feeling when chewing is caused by the billions of neuron structures in the brain.

Which is Better, Male Brain or Female Brain?

Although the brains of males and females differ slightly, it doesn’t make a difference for a zombie. Brains are brains, and they will do anything to get to it.

Is there a Taste Difference Between Male and Female Brains?

The different combinations of chemical mixtures, reactions, and levels of chemical amount can all vary. With the diverse range of chemicals associated with the “grey matter,” the brain can variate in terms of taste. Since males are more masculine, it is believed that the male brain may taste saltier than those brains that are abstracted from women. Since women are less manly, they have lower amino acids in their bodies and brain, resulting in a less salty brain to munch on.

How Do Zombies Get to the Brain Anyways? 

One of the most extraordinary characteristics we have learned about zombies is their strong teeth that bite into bone. Zombies develop “almost-fangs” like teeth that allow them to bite and pierce through hard surfaces like bone, wood, and a range of mammal flesh. Zombies can quickly get through the skull and brain region with a hard bite.

Zombie Brain Radar

Zombies have a unique instinct for locating healthy human brains. They have a built-in radar system that gives them the right direction to the location of the human brain. This is why zombies are consistently attracted to a group of healthy humans with healthy sets of brains on their shoulders.

Can Zombies Eat Zombie Brains?

Unfortunately, zombies do not eat zombies brains. While the human brain is occupied by a live virus responsible for the zombie transformation, the brain is technically dead and isn’t operated by human neurons. The zombie virus creates its own set of neurons, which works differently. Therefore, a zombie brain wouldn’t have the same benefits as a healthy human brain. As a result, zombies aren’t attracted to nor interested in eating their partner’s heads off.

What Happens to A Zombie Who Is Brain Deprived?

Many have wondered what would happen to a zombie if it did not feed on brains. The zombie would begin to weaken and lose most of its instincts, but it wouldn’t kill the zombie. Brain feed deprivation would lead to the repulsion to feed on other body parts. However, if a zombie doesn’t feed on anything, it would weaken and dull significantly. But even at this degree, the zombie would remain alive! The slightest drop of blood or the taste of flesh keeps the zombie alive and active.

So Exactly How Long Can a Zombie Live Without Feeding on the Brain or Anything?

While science indicates that no living thing can survive without consuming anything, our research concludes likewise! The zombie is empowered by a virus in its victim’s brain. Since the entire bodily mechanism is modified, the natural needs and wants like food and energy are no longer a need. Instead, the zombie infection continues to mature throughout its cycle of journey. While zombies crave to eat human brains and flesh, the zombies do not need to feed off brains or flesh. They do so only to further grow and evolve as a stronger zombie. Zombies that have consistently fed on brains are likely to be much superior compared to a zombie that is brain or flesh-feed deprived.

The Zombie Prey Tactic

Like any natural animal, zombies have prey instincts that allow them to hunt for that one element that promotes evolution; brains. There isn’t much difference when comparing a male and female brain. However, zombies think differently and are wickedly smart too! They tend to “size up” their prey and determine whether or not eating the brains of the sought target is potential. If the body size of the game seems normal to them, they will go after them for the kill. If the target is too big, the zombie may wait to strike when the target is in a vulnerable state.

Can a Zombie Be Starved to Death or Without Eating Brains?

Starving a zombie will not kill it. Zombies are empowered by a live virus that is stationed at the brain. During starvation, the virus reverses (shrinks) to reserve body energy. When no more power is left, the zombie is isolated. In other words, the zombie becomes mummified. Still, zombies do not die from not eating brains or any different sort of flesh, for that matter. Again, the slightest drop of blood or flesh is enough to revive the virus back to life. Therefore, a zombie cannot be killed through starvation.

How to Exactly Kill A Zombie If Starvation Won’t Kill Them?

While starvation for a zombie is a path that leads them to mummification, killing a zombie using a projector, torture, impalement, or firearms are all useless. These alignments will only slow the pace of the zombie significantly. To kill a zombie completely, the entire body must be thrown in a high-temperature furnace until the body turns charcoal or into complete ashes.

Final Thought

So, how long can zombies survive without eating brains? Well, we have learned the nature of zombies and how the complexity of understanding its science widens when it leaps forward in evolution. So far, we know that ammunition will slow down the zombie, especially if you hit the brain region of a zombie. Starvation would only lead the zombie to a mummification state, with a high chance of igniting back to life from the slightest source of blood from any living organism. Therefore, zombies don’t eat brains for the sake of survival. Instead, they eat brains for the sake of evolution.

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