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Can Zombies Climb? And Overcome Vertical Obstacles?



With all the deadly physical abilities of zombies that we are concerned about, can zombies climb?

The answer is not simple, but a straightaway reply would be, “Yes, zombies can climb under certain circumstances and situations.”

However, we need to understand the different dynamics of their physical abilities, the anatomy of zombies, and why it is only possible for zombies to climb under limited circumstances.

Have zombies ever been able to climb?

A zombie in most worlds is a very stupid and hostile creature that is slow to move. Many people find that zombies don’t climb ladders or any surface, but is this the case? You must have noticed the advanced state of decay in the latest seasons. Zombies are dead and only act instinctively. Maybe their hands were caught in the fence, so they came over. They would generally have to run stupidly against it. That’s precisely why it isn’t probable for zombies to climb to a very high altitude.

Anatomy of a zombie or why they can’t climb stairs

Their inability to climb stairs can be attributed to their decaying anatomy and reduced motor skills. Due to the decomposition of their muscles, tendons, and ligaments, their overall strength and coordination are severely compromised. Climbing stairs requires a certain level of balance, agility, and muscular control, which zombies lack due to their degraded physical state.

Their deteriorated limbs, weakened musculature, and impaired motor functions prevent them from effectively navigating vertical surfaces like stairs, rendering them incapable of climbing them. We must consider a few things when we talk about zombies consciously climbing the surfaces like a ladder or stairs.

The Frontal Lobe

Let’s talk about the front lobe of zombies. Zombies possess enough activity in the frontal lobe to receive orders from the thalamus, where sensory stimuli reach the brain. This part of the brain involves “executive functioning,” allowing us to think carefully and solve abstract problems. A zombie cannot open doors or obstacles of that kind, and its instincts guide it.

The most crucial function of the frontal lobe is impulsiveness control. It is part of the brain that prevents people from running over you, making you consider twice that it might not be such a good idea to hit your boss in the middle of an argument.

The cerebral tonsil and anterior cingulate cortex

A zombie is governed by its basic impulses and emotions, such as rage and hunger, which live in the most primitive corners of the brain, including the cerebral tonsil. Scientists have confirmed this by inducing lesions in the amygdala of certain animals and observing a decrease in their ability to react and attack.

For example, the crocodile’s brain is controlled mainly by the amygdala.
The zombies having a defective cingulate cortex due to damage to the frontal lobe would have no way of modulating their feelings. They are always hungry, and they always feel angry.

Is it possible for a zombie to climb by chance?

The average living person has a 90 percent greater than a ghoul. Part of this comes from the general rigor mortis of dead muscle tissue (hence their awkward gait). The rest is connected with the primitiveness of their brain functions. Zombies have weak hand-eye coordination, which is their greatest weakness. Yet, a zombie can climb by chance or coincidentally for some reason.

Can zombies jump instead of climbing?

No one has ever observed a jumping zombie from one point to another or just up and down. Balancing on a limited surface is simply beyond their mastery. Swimming is also a skill inherent only in the living. The theory was that if a revived corpse were swollen enough to rise to the surface, it would pose a floating threat. However, this is rare since a slow decomposition level would not allow the gas to accumulate.

Will zombies try to climb to catch me?

Zombies cannot instinctively climb. They can quite successfully climb somewhere, but only under certain conditions. If a zombie feels the prey above them, for example, on the house’s second floor, they will always try to climb to it. That is why zombies that enter or fall into a pond often wander down the bottom until they eventually decompose.

Will zombies at least try to climb?

Zombies will try to climb to any surface, regardless of whether it is believable or simply impossible. That is why they would sometimes successfully climb a surface to follow you for a hunt. However, except in the most uncomplicated cases, in all situations, these attempts fail. Even in the case of a ladder, where the most uncomplicated quick coordination is required, only one of the four zombies will succeed. Yet, you can still reduce the odds of them climbing to catch you.

How to protect yourself from climbing zombies?

Zombies are fashionable. We see it everywhere. Now, we cannot even be sure we are safe from them at a higher altitude because they would probably get there somehow. Now imagine for a moment that a zombie invasion takes place. Would we be prepared, or would we always make the same climbing mistakes? Let’s first discuss the basics of climbing zombie survival. Later, we will look into some climbing mistakes that most people make and end up becoming a yummy meal for the living dead.

Keep a healthy lifestyle to climb away effectively

This is essential because if there is one thing that you will do is gallop. Although the zombies are not potential Usain Bolts, their number will work against you. You will need to be able to run relatively fast but, above all, for a long time. Of course, no alcohol at the risk of ending up as an appetizer while you cook in a corner, and especially no drugs if you want to climb – I’ll let you guess why. As for food, not a lot of information because the probability that you will spend your life in a fast-food restaurant is relatively low.

Always more weapons

It’s a great idea to blow all the zombies’ heads away from the top of a steep surface while they’re trying to climb and catch you. Headshots are accessible this way, as their heads are right in front of you when you are on top. You need to have the qualities of Chuck Norris and equip yourself in the best possible way. Rifles, pistols, axes, knives, anything that can smash the zombie is good to take. The bow is also a good solution.

Despite reasonably complex handling, it has the advantage of having ammunition you can make yourself. However, one disadvantage is creating a heap of zombie garbage that other zombies can use to climb more. So, watch out for how much room you have to kill, how many is a good number, and how high you stand.

Double dose in the skull from the top

A zombie is brutal and very tough. Because although their intellectual capacities are as elaborate as a lama with a shot of tequila, they will chase you and try to climb to you until their last breath. So, feel free to put the double dose in the skull when you are standing at the top.

Find shelter where zombies can’t climb

If the supermarket is relatively apparent, you should go elsewhere. Imagine the first day of sales at Lafayette galleries with shotguns; here, it is the same thing. Prefer secure building rooftops with armored doors or even atomic shelters. Also, always plan an exit door; it could be advantageous.

Don’t make mistakes when climbing away from zombies

Climbing is fun but can also be frustrating, and if you want to get better at it, you have to stay tuned and work on yourself. You must also avoid a few mistakes that make life complicated and slow progress. You can’t do this now and then for a few hours because to become a good climber, you need motivation, passion, and a lot of dedication to save your asses from the zombies.

Make sure to warm up before trying to climb

Warm muscles and an activated mind are essential to remain injury-free on the rock or in the hall and to be able to push yourself to the limit. Your body and psyche are much more efficient at “operating temperature,” so don’t forget to warm up properly. The goal is to prepare the joints, to tune the muscles to the stresses, and to be awake on the psychological level, quick to react, ready to make decisions, fast to understand, and strong in nerves.

You need to visualize your route

A climbing legend already said, “The head is the strongest muscle when climbing,” and you should remember that. Many of us can therefore rely not only on our physical fitness but also on our mental strength and a sophisticated visualization of movement sequences. Thus, we can solve highly complex movements when running away from zombies.


Can zombies climb? Yes, zombies can climb but only under certain circumstances. Their anatomy does not allow them to climb consciously, but their mastery can make them climb instinctively. How to avoid that? Do not play heroes when you are at heights! This is the most important rule of all. Do not think it is cowardice. It is common sense.

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