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Where Would A Zombie Apocalypse Start? Where the Nightmare Begins



Let’s face it; if a zombie apocalypse were to happen, it would tatter systems, decimate infrastructures, and diminish human civilization to the slimmest percent. A crucial aspect still needs to be addressed despite the predictable destructions. Where would a zombie apocalypse start?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a precise answer to this question. There isn’t any theoretical evidence or documented hypothesis that would render us any solution.

The plausibility of this colossal catastrophe and the probable damages are well-known to us. Still, the ideal hotspots and the regions exposed to the most damage are yet to be predicted. What if your neighborhood holds the most likability? What if your city needs to be more secure? And most importantly, what if you couldn’t escape from these aimless rovers? 

Where certainty is obscured, possibilities are regarded as the only solutions. Here is what we have to suggest about your ‘what ifs.’

What could cause the zombie apocalypse?

Again, this question is countered with multiple theories and informed guesswork. There still isn’t any substantial evidence to support any predicted idea or suggest a concrete answer to this fundamental question. While some speculate it is a foreseeable future, some indicate it is the work of a virulent strain. 

Here, we have discussed the rationale, possibility, and underlying causes of a zombie apocalypse. Let’s dig into them. 

Theory #1: From running water and still water too. 

Even if we want to, we cannot count on and catalog how contaminated water harms our health. Water-borne viruses can significantly wane our neural system from ruination to our gut. Infected water substantially contributes to the world’s fatality rate. History holds several examples, cholera, plague, and Ebola; all decimated the human population while challenging the wits of the scientific community. 

What are the chances that another water-borne virus retraces repercussions? Highly likely and an imminent possibility. A virus outbreak is inevitable, with more than half of the world’s population consuming contaminated water. 

Let’s enact the possible outbreak of a water-borne virus 

Initially, the virus infects the people who consume or use the infected water. The weakest ones will soon show the symptoms of the virus, while others might take days to exhibit any sign. Without diagnostic methods and treatment to rectify, the virus continues its spread. Infected individuals embrace death, followed by gruesome reanimation. 

This theory might support the rationale to an extent, but the wildly sinister nature of the virus defies the spread through the water source. For the zombie virus to eradicate humanity, it will have to infect the most significant oceans and rivers. But still, before the virus cripples human civilization, proactive healthcare services and military organizations will jump in to alleviate the situation.

This brings us to the next possible cause or another theory supported by zombie fanatics. 

Theory #2: Zombification…. Is in the air 

Not all regions avail water from the same source, but we all share the same atmosphere. The virus thought the infected atmosphere was one of the most rational causatives of the zombie virus. 

The virus has an airborne nature and dissipates throughout the atmosphere. People inhale the infected air, making the virus a part of their system. Once through your defense barriers, the virus targets your neural pathways and centralizes itself in your brain. The virus allows a healthy and satisfying life for its hosts. However, once the host bids farewell to life, the virus welcomes the host to reanimation. 

Airborne nature may hold more logic, but how this airborne might come into existence remains a mystery. To debunk this myth, zombie fanatics promote a theory. Let’s have a brief look at it.

“For a virus to decimate human civilization to a mere few survivors, the virus has to be designed and manipulated biologically. A heavily guarded and probably secret facility conducts gene manipulation on a virus similar to that of rabies.

A virus with a universal susceptibility rate and a hundred percent fatality rate infects the scientists and workers hired in that facility. These infected individuals transport the virus outside the facility while leaving for their homes. From the infected worker to the susceptible family member to a close comrade to the waiter serving you at a restaurant, a chain reaction almost impossible to curtail.” 

Recall any spread of airborne viral infection; they all follow the same pattern. Though not all airborne viruses are created in a shady scientific facility, the progressing stages follow similar to that of the zombie virus. An infected individual initiates the reaction, which spreads like wildfire. 

Last but potentially the most bothering one- our dear Mother Nature.

Theory #3: An Act of Nature 

Let’s face the brutal reality: humans have an excessively and intensely damaged nature. The ruination runs so deep that recovery or improvement is a far-fetched idea. 

As the saying goes, you reap what you sow. Well, if what we planted were damages, we must reap damages. A backlash powerful enough to obliterate the order of our human civilization. 

Some suggest that the zombie virus could be nature’s revenge. What if a natural virus wipes out humans and repopulates the world with walking corpses? It is an ideal way to keep the world populated without pollution and climate change. With their damaged brains, zombies can walk and stroll aimlessly but cannot spill, pollute, or cause climatic changes. 

Call it an act of revenge or an imminent doom; humans will be deemed for annihilation. Most humans will face their gruesome, inevitable fate, while those who persist will rummage earth for the necessities.

Where exactly would a zombie apocalypse start?

No country or region can be named as the potential preliminary point for the zombie apocalypse. 

For any virus, especially the zombie virus, to initiate a wild reaction, several ideal conditions must be considered. Some favorable conditions include a dense population, advantageous geography, and weak infrastructure. 

Let’s elaborate on how these conditions may favor zombies in their stride (more like a stagger) toward the worldwide prevalence.

Dense Population

In any viral outbreak, the city’s population plays an instrumental role in the spread. The denser the people, the stronger the spread and broader prevalence. 

Its strength and sinister nature characterize the zombie virus. Initially, the airborne or water-borne virus starts infecting a few individuals and steadily progresses to achieve the phase of an epidemic. Cities with the highest population are the most vulnerable to hitting an epidemic state within a few days. 

With a meteoritic rise, most city dwellers turn into walking corpses. No matter how dwindling the chances are, survival is still a possibility. Cities might expose you to life-threatening risks, but they offer some durable defense, too. Cities have the most number of apartments, buildings, and skyscrapers. To guard yourself against the assault, you can find safety in these buildings. 

Note that survival isn’t only limited to protection from the sprawling zombies. You will have to ensure supplies for your survival. Stock as many food supplies, defense weapons (anything that can split zombies’ heads open), and a few amenities (to keep yourself amused). 

Yes, your lifestyle will be reduced to an extended hibernation. Imagine it: a hungover day spanned over a few months or years. Search the city for an apartment block that can offer security from zombies. It is ideal to reside close to grocery shops so you won’t experience difficulty refilling your stocks. 

Advantageous Geography

Some geographical features favor the spread of a zombie virus, while others obstruct the staggering rise. A few of these include non-mountainous areas and regions with high fences. 

Also, a virus needs suitable temperature and climatic conditions to sustain itself in an environment. Similarly, the zombie virus would flourish in areas that encourage its growth and promote its spread. 

It is well-known that zombies cannot run or climb higher surfaces. So, it is ideal that you seek refuge in areas surrounded by mountains or bordered by high fences. You may add another layer of a high wall for further protection and guard. 

It is well-known that zombies cannot swim. Their damaged brains allow them limited walking movement and an unquenchable hunger. However, swimming is an advanced and acquired skill. Zombies can’t learn or develop a skill. It offers an advantage to humans willing to survive the zombie apocalypse. You can select a place near the sea or, better yet, on an island. The chances of zombies assaulting an island are close to impossible. 

Or you can enjoy the wilderness and reside near the mountains. This way, you will enjoy the delights of nature while staying protected from the zombies. Then again, zombies might have an insatiable hunger for fresh brains, but their limited movement restrains them from climbing over fences or hiking up a path. Pick a view you love, build your haven there, and stay protected from zombies. 

A Weak System

Our healthcare systems are the first to respond in every emergency or virus outbreak. Leading these healthcare organizations is our government. 

But what if a state or country doesn’t have efficient healthcare or government? Other than poor living conditions, such a state is deemed for complete eradication in case of a zombie virus outbreak. 

Like every viral outbreak, the zombie virus spreads gradually. Infected individuals show no significant symptoms, but as the virus seeps further into the populace, the number of infected rises exponentially. The virus advances towards acquiring an epidemic phase. 

Epidemics are generally brutal to curtail, even for the most effective healthcare organizations. An emergency is announced, and healthcare providers work overtime to provide a cure for the disease. 

However, the zombie virus exceeds and brutally breaches the efficacy and proactiveness of healthcare organizations. The initial three weeks will show little to no progress in the spread of the virus. The progress is slow because the susceptible gradually shift to the infected state. However, this respite in the space of infection is very brief.

Within a hundred days, the virus envelopes a vast number of populations. At this point, even the strongest and most expert healthcare services may fail to contain the situation. And with healthcare organizations at collapse, the zombie virus prevails, and humanity continues its decimation. 

It is predicted that a mere 273 survivors would persist in a zombie apocalypse. With zombie eradication and human repopulation responsibilities, these 273 survivors would live without lifestyle privileges.

How do you prepare for a zombie apocalypse?

There isn’t any definite way to ward off, curtail, or prevent zombie apocalypse. But it is worthwhile to prepare yourself for the inevitable rise of the undead.

To protect yourself from the assault, you must equip yourself with a few preemptive essentials. Besides carrying a baseball bat (the most effective weapon for splitting zombies’ heads open), you can also learn a few moves to add skill to your weapon use. 

Here, we have handpicked a few essentials and provided insight into how to utilize them optimally in an encounter with a zombie. 

Let’s delve into the ultimate guide to zombie preparedness


Fireworks effectively for every wild beast and works more efficiently to ward off a zombie. However, to light a fire, you need a tool that instantly sends off huge flames to obliterate the undead. With hordes of ravenous undead descending upon you, you cannot rub sticks or stones to ignite a spark. Arm yourself with a fire-generating tool, and reduce the undead to ashes. 

An Ultra Tool

Besides the classic baseball bat, you need something sharp and handy to bludgeon the zombies. Search your tools store and select a few quick tools that can be utilized for killing purposes. These valuable tools may include ax, hammer, wire twist, etc. However, your device would only be helpful if you know how to use it effectively. To kill a zombie, you must aim for the head and hit your tool hard enough.

Remember, zombies are indiscriminate of their prey. So, you better stay prepared and alert, especially when you move outside. 

First Aid Supplies

Although you won’t stand a chance of surviving once the zombie bites you, a zombie apocalypse also brings other emergencies. 

A zombie apocalypse collaterally collapses the entire system, leaving only a dwindling chance of survival. A first-aid supply can help you with injuries and cure your bruises. Or, to put it another way, zombies are enough to kill you; you don’t want any other damage to result in your death. 

Basic Necessities 

Your life, especially in an apocalyptic situation, isn’t possible without necessities. Pack a few clothes, essential medications, and sanitation supplies—stock sufficient food in your house. You should avoid moving out for a couple of months. Imagine your living as a form of extended hibernation. 

Considering their slow movements, you can predict that zombies will shift from one neighborhood to another. Avail this time as the opportunity to refill your food stocks. But remember, it is a mere opportunity and cannot be considered their eradication.

Buy, more like, pick up a few essentials and food items for renewing your stock. Also, you can utilize this chance to move out of your neighborhood. Pack your bags and move into the wilds. Go to a nearby mountainous region or an abandoned village and start living there. 

Is a zombie apocalypse even possible?

The extensively researched yet heavily speculated question- ‘Is zombie apocalypse even possible?’
Unfortunately, this question still awaits its certainty. Where the scientific community nixes the possibility of such destruction, some rational minds suggest the opposite.

Those who oppose suggest the impossibility of reanimation. There isn’t a powerful virus or organism that could rewire or reprogram a deceased brain. Also, the long dormancy stage of the zombie virus baffles the scientific community. They suggest there still isn’t any virus that would allow a healthy life to its hosts. Viruses, by nature, gradually damage the health of the host, which may or may not be followed by death.

On the other hand, zombie proponents suggest that viruses constantly mutate. There is a high probability that a virus (maybe even rabies virus) can mutate and turn humans into walking corpses. These advocates also support other viruses that have caused zombie-like behavior in other organisms. Considering the potential of such viruses, the relevance of a zombie virus gains certainty.

Moreover, the zombie fanatics back their theory with a SIR epidemiologic disease model. The model supports the sinister nature and the wide prevalence of the virus. Virus prevails through huge populations and eradicates the entire populace within a hundred days.


So, where would a zombie apocalypse start? Well, no one can pinpoint a zombie apocalypse’s exact location

There are certain conditions that the virus needs to survive. If your region favors the requirements, then buckle up. But even if your area doesn’t select the conditions, you are still at risk of a zombie attack.

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