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What Are The Symptom’s Of The Zombie Virus? From Normal To The Undead



There is ample information on zombies and their survival instincts; one unaddressed question is, “What are the symptoms of the zombie virus?”

Although it is difficult to precisely count and catalog all the symptoms of the zombie virus, a few can be stated with certainty. It is believed that from severe pains to organ failure, the zombie virus renders extreme implications. 

Origin of the zombie virus

The origins of the zombie virus can be traced back to different cultural and folklore traditions. In Haitian voodoo, zombies are believed to be reanimated corpses controlled by sorcerers. In modern popular culture, different narratives have emerged to explain the origin of the zombie virus. Some common explanations include scientific experiments gone wrong, natural outbreaks or mutations, and supernatural causes such as curses or dark magic.

These narratives reflect fears and anxieties surrounding unethical science, global pandemics, and the battle between good and evil. While the origins of the zombie virus are fictional, they serve as metaphors for societal concerns and allow exploration of existential threats and ethical questions.

What ways and effects of the zombie virus

Deep gouges and bites are considered potential mediums of transmission. Considering that these symptoms surface after sustaining a considerable injury from a zombie attack is essential. However, this virus’s airborne and water-borne transmission is yet to be established.
Note that, once infected, severe side effects are inevitable. We are yet to discover and invent a cure to reverse or heal the results of this virus. Therefore, to protect yourself, it is crucial that you know what the symptoms of the zombie virus are. We have condensed all the information that will add to your knowledge about this life-threatening virus. Let’s get to know more about this virus.

Overview of the concept of the zombie virus

Before diving into the signs of the zombie virus, let’s first recap what you will become after the infection. Zombies are typically defined as: “Reanimated and immortal beings, without the ability to feel pain, sleep, respond, and advanced survival skills. They appear to survive the brutalist of injuries and have a bottomless appetite for flesh.”

The zombie virus invades the bloodstream of a living being and centralizes itself in the brain. The virus stays dormant and allows its host to have a thriving life. But once the host dies, the virus becomes activated. Once activated, the virus reanimates the neural system to stimulate particular motor functions. The infected being regains limited mobility and develops ravenous hunger for flesh, particularly brains.

The zombie virus works in two stages, namely, the dormant stage and the active stage. Here we have elaborated on the symptoms of each scene individually.

Stage 1: Dormancy 

Dormancy is an asymptomatic state. The pathogen flows in the bloodstream without rendering any harm to the host. The individual carries the virus for life and remains visibly and physically healthy. Regardless of the cause of death, unless the brain sustains severe injuries, the pathogen reactivates the neural system to achieve reanimation.

Stage 2: Infection  

When an individual is bitten or scratched, the active virus strain (along with other infectious agents) enters the bloodstream and concentrates itself in the living brain. If amputation or removal of the affected is impossible, the virus triggers a chain of fatal reactions. It incurs a cytokine storm resulting in nausea, severe fatigue, fever, and extreme body pain.

As the virus gradually progresses, it targets the neural system, infects the synapses, and slows down the cerebellum and brain stem activity. Eventually, the virus affects the adrenal glands, shutting down the brain. As the brain ceases to function, all major organs terminate their activities.

The person bears the symptoms of a clinically dead person: zero reflex, closed brain activity, and no measurable pulse or respiration. However, the severity and the location of wound(s) influence the onset of symptoms followed by death and reanimation. 

  • Weakness and fatigue 
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Soreness
  • Nausea 
  • Dehydration
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Coughing up blood
  • Hallucination

Note that not every infected individual experiences the same symptoms. They vary from individual to individual, depending on their wound(s).

How To Tell If You Are Infected With The Zombie Virus

It is widely assumed that a person is instantly zombified after the contact. Contrary to this popular belief, the active virus follows a pattern that can tell you whether you are becoming a zombie. Here we have discussed the practice you need to observe.

Note that once infected with the active virus, there is no way to reverse your condition. The virus will quite inevitably progress and lead to reanimation. Therefore, you must take safety measures before leaving your house.

Let’s outline the timeline of an infected individual:

Initial Phase 

Besides bites and scratches, there are several ways to acquire the infection; it can be mere grazing against a zombie. The signs of infection surface when you start feeling pain and purple coloration around a particular area. It is ideal that you cover the wound and take measures to clot the open wound. It is preferred that an infected individual is moved to a containment unit to ensure the well-being of others. 

Intermediate Phase 

In this phase, you will notice that all your limbs become painful, and your body starts locking itself up. Your gag reflex will go in overdrive, your vision becomes hazy, and you lose the sense of distinguishing between reality and hallucinations. While this phase is not reversing, the infected person should stay quarantined. Splatters of an infected individual can cause the virus to become airborne. 

Advanced Phase 

The advanced phase is typically referred to as a ‘coma state.’ In this phase, the person is virtually paralyzed. All the movements and functions start aborting because the virus attacks significant parts of the brain. A person in this phase is on the verge of death, followed by reanimation.

How Long Does It Take To Develop The Symptoms Of Zombie Virus?

Well, there is no established or proven time for developing symptoms of the zombie virus. It is said that an active virus pathogen starts affecting within an hour. On the contrary, some believe this viral infliction’s consequences begin after a few days.

Despite its debatable onset period, certain aspects determine the severity of the virus. These aspects include: 

  • The Depth Of Wound 

How severe and profound the gouges are. A slight scrape or scratch may not result in the transmission of the virus. However, virus transmission is inevitable if the wound is more profound than a tiny scratch. 

  • Location of the wound 

This aspect is critical to consider while saving oneself from zombie infection. It is easier to deal with appendage injuries than torso injuries. If you have acquired an injury on any appendage, amputation is the ideal option. While injuries sustained on the torso might pose a danger. If you have suffered injuries on the torso, clean the wound and take measures to clot it.

Who Is Vulnerable To Developing Symptoms Of Zombie Virus?

Zombies’ inclination towards human brains is well-documented. Meals of these “living dead” are predominantly based on the brains of living beings, including animals and humans.

Zombies hunt for every living being near them. Animals and humans in a healthy conditions are usually the meal preference of these beings. It is popularly believed that zombies don’t track or consume the flesh of sick, infected, and dead beings.

You can acquire this virus through wounds, scratches, bites, and even the splatters of zombies. Individuals infected with this virus are also carriers and sources of transmission. You may be vulnerable to viral news without becoming their prey.

How To Save Yourself From Getting Zombie Virus?

Well, the ideal solution is to stay indoors. But this perfect solution is the most impractical one.
First things first, plan for evacuating the affected area. Once you have acknowledged the virus outbreak in your area, gather the essentials and leave the room. Migrate to areas where zombies have reduced chances of survival, such as valleys and highly fenced areas.

If you reside in an affected area, limit your outdoor activities to only when necessary. When outdoors, opt for routes where zombies don’t move around often. In case a zombie approaches you, immediately change your path. Some people believe that pretending like zombies can fool zombies. This notion doesn’t pertain to the fact that they can easily distinguish living from dead beings.


What are the symptoms of the zombie virus? From severe pain to organ failures, the zombie virus renders extreme implications. 

At first, the virus may render symptoms of other viral diseases. This is why most people don’t consider it a life-threatening condition. Some believe that the consequences of this virus take days to surface, while some believe it merely takes an hour. However, when the virus progresses, symptoms worsen, and prevention and cure at the advanced phase do no favors. Signs must be addressed at the earliest to prevent worsening of the condition. 

Whether the virus progresses in an hour or over days, the most important thing is to keep ourselves safe from this life-threatening virus. Be proactive in ensuring the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Stay alert when you move out. Remember that zombies are always hungry for fresh brains; no matter how much they consume, they will always be hungry for more.

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